Summer Trimester is OVER!

Greetings readers, lovers, friends and family!

Wow, the summer trimester was quite the challenge, but it's now over (phew)!

I know I probably say this after every term, but man, that was rough!!!!!!! ughhhhhh…

It was my first Supervised Practice Internship, I was on academic probation (eek! :( ), I had some of the hardest classes of the program…and of course, my friend Lupus came to visit as it does every time it gets hot.

BUT, I did it and I feel awesome. :)

I worked my ass off so hard this term, but I'm feeling more and more confident in receiving the gifts of healing that I've been given, and that includes all of that book knowledge that I must retain.

I pray a lot.

and I ask for the ability to receive the gifts, because its one thing to "study" but if I'm not open to receiving the information, then it just moves right through me.

this is some serious stuff, not to be taken lightly and I am deeply connected to healing.

I had some major milestones this past term.

I have been consistently treating patients.

I have been applying the theories, just like a practitioner.

I have committed myself to this endeavor even more, on a personal level.

I have had some spiritual awakenings throughout the term that further confirm my connection to the medicine.

Along the process, I've also had to disconnect. From family, friends and the outside world…and that's hard.

Well, at first it was…growing pains I realized. I might disconnect for a little while, but I will always be back and I will always be there. (For my close friends and family, if you're reading this, then please keep that in mind!)

So, this time around, we get 3 weeks off. What to do with all this glorious time..?

Well, in the name of staying on that growing tip…I will be working on myself, I will be making up clinic hours, maybe take a little road trip, catch up with friends and family and get some good sleep. Oh, and working on this blog!

Currently, it feels good to relax at my parents house while they watch Don Francisco. Ah, the little things ;)

But, I will still be living, eating and breathing acupuncture…this is my life, after all. This is my #Acuvida