Recipe: Natural Immunity Boost

It's that time of the year when we need a little extra boost for our energy and immune systems. Cold and flu season are lurking around, use food as medicine and get ready with this yummy and easy tonic: 

6 strawberries

1 garlic clove

1" ginger slice

1 cap of apple cider vinegar

lots of honey

two shakes of cayenne pepper


Blend all ingredients and store in a glass jar with lid and drink throughout the day. Use organic ingredients for best results. This drink is delicious and boosts your immune system to help fight off pathogens. Every ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties; this is great for when you start to feel symptoms of throat, congestion, also great for asthma and allergies, great to restore and strengthen your digestive functions, and a great overall tonic for a pick me up energy boost whenever. I recently fought off a cold in one day with this drink. 

Hit the reset button on your body. 

Variations and Substitutions: pineapple, asian pear, onion, radish, habanero pepper, turmeric