Journeys in Acupuncture

I hear a lot about the journeys my patients take when on my treatment table. Some go into far off dream lands, some have conversations with their spirit guides, some see rainbows of colors punctuated with vivid light shows, and others journey into their hearts. It is not often talked about, but acupuncture treatments are also spiritual quests. Acupuncturists work with unseen energy and often this energy initiates very deep emotional healing, and may jumpstart creativity. It seems that is the type of journey local writer Abel Salas of the news publication Brooklyn and Boyle experienced during one of his treatments with me. I had the pleasure of treating Abel a few weeks ago, after which we sat down for an interview, good food and conversation. 

I am beyond humbled and honored to have been the subject of his latest experimental article. This piece was a beautifully written account of a person's healing journey from grueling bike ride in the summer heat, to heartache, and beyond. You can read the article online, and also be able to pick up a print copy in your local coffee shop or art gallery around the East Side of town. 

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Where will your healing journey lead you to?