My Detox Challenge!

February 3, 2014

Today is Monday. It’s the beginning of a new month. Sounds like the perfect day to start a detox program.... except it’s midterms week here at school!

However, nobody seems to mind, there’s a large group of us here at school that have decided to take on the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Challenge and today is Day 1.

What is this challenge, you ask? Why detox, you ask?

Well let me tell you...

The Standard Process 21 Day Purification Challenge is a detoxification program designed by the fine people at Standard Process, a supplement company that’s been around since the 20’s. This program “helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out.”

It is designed to rid the body of harsh toxins, which we are exposed to on a daily basis, not only by the food that we eat, but also the toxins in the air, in your home and inside your body. Pollution, harsh cleaning products (did you know you can make your own natural cleaning products at home? Maybe that will be my next post...hmmm), free radicals.... all toxins that end up in our bodies somehow, causing us to feel sluggish, tired and more vulnerable to external pathogens i.e.; getting sick!

Springtime is a great time to cleanse. Spring is known in many cultures as a time of rebirth, growth and renewal and our bodies are designed to be in harmony with nature. In addition, it is the beginning of the Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year...yes this is the PERFECT time for a detox. I usually do some sort of detox around springtime...I find it sets the pace for a healthy new gets you bikini ready for summer! :)


The holidays are always the biggest culprits in my nutritional regimen getting skewed. This year though, it was worse because I was traveling in Mexico and vacation is my biggest exception when it comes to my diet. So I pretty much ate whatever I wanted...and that sorta continued when I got back. So let’s just say I have a lot of detoxing to do!


This detox involves eating only fruits and vegetables for 10 days, then adding lean protein for the last 11 days. It’s a little crazy...last year I attempted to eat only fruits and vegetables for a week and I only lasted ONE DAY. What can I say? I love food. ;)

However, this time is different, I have support here on campus since there are a lot of us on this cleanse and I also have a close friend who’s decided to jump on the detox program as well. It kind of helps to have others going through this process with you. The detox program also includes various supplements; so there should be no nutritional deficiencies and I shouldn’t feel hungry...we’ll see about that.


A detox program should set the foundation for a clean, healthy dietary plan; it’s not meant to be completed and then followed by an unhealthy diet. What a waste...

In addition to the nutritional aspect, I will also be exercising as usual and adding acupuncture, chiropractic and steam and sauna therapies to assist the detox process.


I’m excited to experience such an intense and complete cleanse and the effects it will have on my body and state of mind. Wish me luck!


*by the way, I'm in no way affiliated with Standard Process and am not receiving any type of compensation for this post, I'm just sharing what I'm doing...